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Portal Race Tournament

Tournament Format

The run category for this tournament is "beat the game, no oob". Which means beat the game without having your camera or placed portals leave the map and without scripts, macros or cheats. Quicksaves and quickloads are allowed. Should you peek oob by accident and DID profit from it - you have to load the last save. Timing begins when selecting new game and ends when the crosshair disappears after Glados' death.

The tournament will be run in a double elimination format through Challonge. Byes will be awarded as needed for the first round to the top seeds to fit the players properly into the brackets. Players will be expected to play 1 game per week in the Winner's Bracket, or 2 in the Loser's Bracket.


Registration ends: January 29th

Tournament begins: February 1st


All players will be seeded based on their existing times on the leaderboards (or if they have not submitted a PB, based on their best time in an SRL race). Players without any published times will be randomized at the bottom.


All Speed Runs Live (SRL) racing rules apply. All participants must use approved emulators/consoles and stream their races. We recommend that you locally save your race-stream file in the event that your stream is disconnected and you are “proofcalled” on your time. If you are not registered with SRL, please do so now. If you do not know how to set up or use an SRL account, please contact a moderator for assistance. Once the race is completed, please get in contact with a member of the admin team to update the standings and times.

Scheduled matches need to be played before the specified deadline.

We realize that a tournament of this magnitude has a lot of people with a lot of schedules to work around. That being said, if you schedule a match with someone and then bail on the scheduled time without prior notice, you may be removed from the tournament at the organizer’s discretion.

Any disputes will be handled by the mod team, who will have final say in all matters. Should a member of the mod team be involved in the dispute, that member will have no say in the final decision.

Match Procedure

Discuss and schedule a time to play your match against your opponent. We recommend using Challonge, but other methods of communication are certainly welcome.

When both participants are ready, begin a race in the #speedrunslive IRC channel on irc.speedrunslive.com or at http://www.speedrunslive.com/channel/ with the command:

.startrace portal

Once the race channel has been created, join that specific channel. Within the channel, change the goal with the command:

.setgoal beat the game, no oob

Once that has been completed, both participants should enter the race. This can be performed with the following command:


When both participants are ready to begin the race, have their stream available, and are waiting on a file on the file select screen, type the following command:


The Race bot will then begin to countdown in the race chat, and upon reaching 0 both players will begin the race. The conclusion of these races is when the crosshair disappears after Glados' death.

At this point, in the race channel, type:


And that’s it. Once the race is completed, please get in contact with a member of the admin team to update the standings and times. Congratulations!

Some additional handy commands for the race:

  • .quit - If something arises and you need to remove yourself from the race, then use the .quit command.
  • .undone - Use if you prematurely type .done or .quit before the race has ended.
  • .setgame portal- If you make a typo doing .startrace you can fix it by typing this in the race channel.

FAQs / Q&As

  • In the rare case of a race tie (as determined by the .done times recorded on SRL), racers will have to replay the race. We don’t think this will happen, but wanted to spell that out.
  • If your name on the Portal leaderboards does not match your Challonge name, please contact the mods so we can assign the correct PB to you.


    Youtube playlist by XeiZ


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