SpeedRunsLive Mystery Game Tournament #7

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  •   128 선수 Double Elimination
  •   Mystery Games
  •   September 4, 2015 at 11:00 PM MST
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 We highly encourage using the mystery tournament website as your primary (and only) source for all information, data, and links. You should not at any point need to go elsewhere to locate information!

SRL Mystery Game Tournament #7  — begins September 4, 2015

-- Join #mystery on the SpeedRunsLive irc for discussion/questions --

The SRL Mystery Game Tournament is an event in which players will participate in a series of matches, racing against a single opponent per round in short to medium length goals. These goals will be for games that are not revealed to them until moments before the race actually begins, giving them enough time to download the game but preventing them from practicing at all. Players are likely to encounter games they've played before, seen before, or may have never even heard of. This event is designed to determine not just who has the most gaming experience but the best overall racing abilities.

This event will use the double elimination structure. This is a very "open" event designed to work well for all participants' schedules as there is no specific time in which they must be available. Round-based deadlines aside, participants can play their matches at whatever time is most convenient for both them and their opponent.

To enter this tournament, please use your username on SpeedRunsLive. If your username is taken on Challonge, we encourage you to change your name within this event by visiting your user settings on the left side of this page. You may enter if you are just interested and want to reserve a spot even if you are not certain you will be participating.

If you enter this event, you must also fill out this Google form. Because the games for this event will be chosen by the players, you must submit between two and five games with their goals. An average player should be able to beat each goal in 15-45 minutes. All games used in the previous mystery tournament are banned in this event only. Additionally, a list of games that are banned from all mystery tournaments will be provided. A complete list of the banned games among other details are in the form and can be found on the mystery tournament website. You do not have to complete this form at the same time you sign up if you want time to think about your games. The deadline for game submissions/edits (and registration) is at 11:59pm eastern on Saturday, August 29. Remember, the closer to the deadline your submissions are, the less likely it is that you will be able to resubmit if there is an issue with your game and/or goal!

Entrants are also required to fill out this brief contact form before August 31. In short, this form acts as an extremely beneficial tool which will help entrants communicate and plan their matches based on their own schedules. If you are unavailable to fill this form out before this date, we will assume you will not be around for the tournament itself. Thus, anyone who does not complete this form and submit their games will be removed from the tournament and will be unable to participate. Additionally, if we notice that you have not been around soon before the tournament begins, try to contact you based on the information you provide, and you fail to respond, you also may be removed from the tournament.

After each round begins, you and your opponent will have at least 72 hours (varies per round) to race a game drawn from the list of submitted games. As soon as you know who your opponent is, you are strongly encouraged to speak with them as soon as possible, schedule your match based on your availability, and report the scheduled time to staff in #mystery.

Any game can be drawn that wasn't submitted by you or your opponent. Both participants are required to race on SpeedRunsLive and stream. They must not view their opponent's stream during the race at any time and they must immediately hide their stream chat if a viewer attempts to assist them, as player assistance is a massive advantage and is not allowed. Additionally, with the exception of a Pastebin that will be provided with the goal, they must not use any outside sources of assistance, such as a walkthrough, to aid their performance. If you are caught doing this, you may be disqualified.

When the race is recorded on SpeedRunsLive, the results will also be recorded on Challonge. If a participant wins a race and does not stream, their opponent has the option to report this to the staff and give them a loss for the round. If both players are not able to meet up during a round's duration, the staff will speak with both participants as soon as possible. Automatic losses or more time will be given depending on the circumstances.

If neither player finishes the goal in 75 minutes, they will have the option to "redraw" at any time and play a new game, nullifying the results of the current goal. If both players do not agree to this, the match will continue with the current game and goal. If the duration of the match reaches 105 minutes, the goal will automatically be nullified and players will be forced to redraw. If a player forfeits before their opponent finishes, they will automatically lose the match. Players must attempt to make progress in their goal; failure to do so may result in a disqualification. If, at any point during the race, both players fail to make any noticeable progress in a 15 minute period, the game will be redrawn if both players agree. If both players complete the goal in 10 minutes or less, the goal will automatically be redrawn.

To retain the "luck-of-the-draw" feel of the mystery tournament, games will not be forcefully redrawn by the staff if one of the players has experience in the game - what you draw is what you get. That being said, if a player has experience in a game and they believe they have an unfair advantage, they have the option to speak up and request a redraw for a more fair, competitive match.

The tournament schedule is shown on the round labels in the brackets. While each round will have a deadline, if players finish their matches early and have their opponent determined, they are free to play ahead of schedule if they choose to do so. Barring scheduling conflicts between the remaining participants, the top 8 will be played and streamed on October 10, 2015. The time is currently undecided, but it will likely begin around 1-2 pm eastern and run for ~10 hours. If you believe you will not be available during this time, please inform us asap!

The top 4 will all ideally be best of 3 matches. Grand finals will not follow the traditional double elimination structure; while the loser going into grand finals would traditionally be required to win two matches and the winner would be required to win only one, both remaining participants will only play one best of 5 match, regardless of the outcome. The winner going into grand finals will automatically have a one-game lead, meaning he/she must only win twice while the loser must win three times to win the tournament.

Steam games will be given out as prizes. The winner will receive two games, while 2nd, 3rd, and 4th will receive one.

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최정상 챔피언: AND4H
주목 받을 강자: Ramsus88
미래의 강자: Mr_Weables

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